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BUILD: App Design

UX/UI design for BUILD, a fitness app for mobile.

Eyeball Brewing: Site Re-design

A grungy, graphic makeover for the website of local craft brewers, Eyeball.

Edinburgh: In Our Own Words

The images below are screenshots from a fully functioning prototype of Edinburgh: In Our Own Words, a browser application that allows users to explore Edinburgh through the eyes of its inhabitants and past visitors. It is an open-source, interactive illustrated map annotated with memories and descriptions linked to specific locations. The map's purpose is not strictly practical, but affective, painting a personal, authentic portrait of Edinburgh and offering users a deeper understanding of the city. Anyone can contribute to the map; quote sources include personal interviews, Tweets and Facebook posts, excerpts from poems and literature, and public contributions. Since spoken words can often be more emotive than written text, this is a multimedia project - in addition to text, users can upload audio clips and videos and link them to particular spots on the map.

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