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This project explores changes in narrative experience between traditional and new media. It is an adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic horror tale, The Red Room, for virtual reality. The player takes on the role of the narrator and follows their journey through the story just as it is written. However, unlike the book, this adaptation offers them freedom to explore and interact with the environment
and to experience the narrative in a more
immediate and immersive way.

The Red Room

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Synesthesia is a 3D maze game in which players must find and collect coloured gems hidden in an abandoned castle. The aim is to collect all seven gems as quickly as possible. Players are guided through the maze by coloured particles direct them to the gem locations. They must be careful not to pass through 'bad' doors, which are indicated by a luminous glow and will damage players' health proportionally to time spent in the 'bad' door radius.


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